Video Creative

Creative direction, rough-cut, and copywriting.

Video Creative Director



Once upon a time, I was a master's athlete and only wore Brooks spikes and training shoes. So I was already a Brooks fan. My job was to take people on a journey to get to know the Brooks brand that I love – in a quick and meaningful way. In addition to the video's visual direction, I also wrote the script. Based on interviews and other research, I honed in on the story, the look, and the spirit of the video. This is edgier than we typically see from Brooks. The music is meant to appeal to more of a Gen Z audience. And tougher custom typography helps to shape a new brand energy. This short video aims to honor those who are committed to running, while also acknowledging weekend warriors. Enjoy this 30-sec video prepared too loop at event kiosks. My role: creative direction / storyboarding / script writing / rough-cut.

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