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Custom Font Design Case Study


BAIA is a powerful and elegant sans serif font. The trademark high x-height increases visibility across all platforms. The clean lines will help you make a statement in both your print and screen designs. BAIA is perfect for designers – from web design to package design. The font was inspired by the larger than life typography I saw at several concerts by the British band, The 1975. Multilingual. 4 weights.

Custom Font Design Case Study

Neue June

What makes Neue June different from helvetica-like fonts? It's innovative high x-height. The increase in readability gives designers and advertisers an edge across all communication platforms. Neue June will make your other neue fonts look grotesque. Multilingual. Six weights and italics.

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Gatty Condensed

Gatty is a clean and memorable condensed font. While many other fine condensed fonts are only uppercase, Gatty has both upper and lowercase glyphs. 6 weights: Ultra light, Light, Roman, Demi bold, Bold, Ultra bold. Italics for each. Multilingual.

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