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Meet Monni, fresh-faced and cosmopolitan with a high x-height. The typeface blends universal appeal and uniqueness to help with brand retention. It is memorable and optimized for screens. Monni speaks 86 languages and comes in 10 styles, from light to black. With nearly 800 total glyphs, Monni’s versatility will make an excellent addition to any professional font collection. In stock: individual style, snack packs, full family purchase. Check out Monni today on Monotype sites like MyFonts.

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Neue June

What makes Neue June different from the sameness of Helvetica-like fonts? The most prominent difference is the innovative high x-height, but there also hundreds of nuances that establish Neue June's unique memorability. Neue June has a full-bodied and fresh structure. When you view it side-by-side with other Helvetica-inspired fonts, you'll see why designers say it makes these other fonts look old. The increase in readability, literally and figuratively, elevates layout designs across communication platforms. It took me close to 4 years to finish Neue June – I hope you enjoy the nearly 400 glyphs per weight, refined multilingual characters, six weights, and italics. Neue June is exclusively on Monotype.

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Live Grotesk

A headline font for brand retention. A neutral body copy font with a high x-height for readability. Live Grotesk, born to web. Perfect for modern the modern designer, art director, creative director – from fashion to pharma – the ultimate campaign font. The trademark high x-height increases visibility across all platforms. The clean lines will help you make a statement in both your print and screen designs. The font was inspired by the larger than life typography I saw at several concerts by the British band, The 1975. Multilingual. 444 unique glyphs. Live Grotesk is popular and exclusively on Monotype.

Custom Font Design Case Study

Go Quin

Go Quin is a modern luxurious sans serif – perfect high-end projects. When you need instant class and credibility – Go Quin sans serif is there for you. With its high x-height, clean lines, and grace, you can take your layouts next-level with Go Quin. Foreign-language-friendly. OTF and TTF. Light, Regular, and Bold – plus slanted of each.

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Genevra is a modern versatile upper and lowercase condensed font. While many other fine condensed fonts are only uppercase, Genevra has both upper and lowercase glyphs. 6 weights: Ultra light, Light, Roman, Demi bold, Bold, Ultra bold. Slanted for each. Multilingual.

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