Explorations in AI.

Iconic fashion photography using AI

AI Explorations in Minimalism

I wanted to explore minimalism, fashion, and black white. There's a bit of the 60s in the prompts. I liked the idea that when many AI artists were exploring dystopian futures, I was going back in time.

Image of young woman with freckles

AI Explorations in Natural Beauty and Ageing

So many AI images have a lack of the natural – meaning unique qualities and imperfections. As One Direction once sang, "that's what makes you beautiful." And part of this exploration was challenging AI's inherent biases toward youth by "forcing" it age someone.

Midjourney Film Still

AI Explorations Film Stills

There is something iconic about a film still. I've always wanted to make a feature film. With this suite of Midjourney images I'm exploring the reflections in the sunglasses as a metaphor. What does the future hold with the addition of AI – both creatively and in terms of the speed of life?

AI emotional photography

AI Explorations in Emotion and Tension

Fighting AI's inherent biases toward perfection can take on many forms. In this case, I was interested in tension within couples and within individuals. If you can capture genuine emotion in AI - it's a pretty big victory. And in this case, I used the window as a "through looking glass" filter – AI will not solve these emotional upside down issues. These images also show diversity, which is another challenge within AI.

Combining fashion, art, and AI

AI Explorations Combining Art and Fashion

Abstract was central to my education, so it seemed a natural extension to try to find a way to pay homage to it – in this case combining abstract art and high fashion.

Mercedes concept car

AI and Automotive Design

I do love fine automotive design, luxury vehicles, and electric vehicles. I love the lines and contours. These AI explorations represent near-future concept cars.

Make a brand statement with AI

Memorable creative is the ultimate competitive edge